Buckle My Shoe- Learn counting with this rhyme

Buckle My Shoe is a popular English rhyme and it was recorded as a nursery rhyme in London in 1805. It is a counting-out rhyme and was specially written for the preschoolers so that they could learn to count easily. The first published version of this kid’s song was found in ‘Songs for Nursery’ which was a children’s rhymes book. The main purpose of this toddler’s song was to teach counting to the kids in a fun way. The lyrics are quite appealing, and the children easily learn to count along with the rhyming words.

About the lyrics:

The lyrics of this nursery rhyme synchronize with the numbers from one to twenty. Some variants of this rhyme end till ten while others go counting up to twenty. The rhyme starts like this ‘One two, buckle my shoe, three four, knock at the door’. All the numbers are made in groups of twos and there are rhyming words for all the even numbers such as two, four, six, eight, and ten. There have been many videos made on this rhyme which show a boy who wants to buckle his shoe.

The lesson for kids:

Not everyone loves math and when it comes to counting, some children take time to learn it properly. Buckle My Shoe offers an entertaining way to learn to count and also helps the children to develop motor skills. This is one of the best nursery rhymes as it offers an easy way to help the toddlers learn to count and also promotes speech development. The rhyme is still very popular, and many preschoolers learn this instantly because of its catchy lyrics and tune. The lyrics from 1 to 10 are almost same in all the variants, however, they differ somewhat when the counting continues till 20.

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Once I Caught a Fish Alive – Counting Rhyme for Children

‘Once I Caught a Fish Alive’ is a popular nursery rhyme and was created for the children to learn to count in a fun way. The lyrics of this poem are not based on any event in the history and the poem is only an educational one. The kid’s song is a very old one and it is said that it was first recorded in 1765 in Mother Goose’s Melody. The early versions of this rhyme were very short and there was only one stanza included with a hare instead of a fish. However, the modern versions of this poem that were reworked in the 19th century, there was a fish and not a hare.

About the lyrics:

The lyrics revolve around counting and the words are actually rhymed with the numbers. The story is about a boy who is sitting near a river with a fishing rod and is trying to catch a fish. The fish jumps out of the river and bites his finger. The poem involves number counting from one to ten and the story is made a bit interesting for the children by including the biting thing. The poet, in the end, asks, ‘Which finger did it bite?’ and then continues by stating ‘This little finger on my right’.

The lesson for kids:

The children’s song is a melodious one and offers a fun way to teach counting. It can be included in the list of preschool rhymes for making counting easier for the children. The rhyme also helps the children to develop hand and speech coordination and make learning interesting for them. The children learn to act and sing, and they know where to stop, and this way a lot of learning is made possible along with entertainment. The lyrics of this kid’s song are very catchy, and children love to count and sing along.

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Baby Elephant Walk- Let’s go on a safari!

Baby elephant walk is a beautiful nursery rhyme written by Henry Mancini in 1961. The toddlers song is based on a baby elephant in a jungle. The poet also discusses the jungle life and the attractions in it. The tone of this rhyme is very cheerful and it allows the children to enjoy while it is being played. The song also earned a Grammy award for the best instrumental arrangement. The baby elephant walk is not a very popular rhyme but you’ll still find it among the best nursery rhymes for toddlers. This kids song is a good way to keep the children involved and sing along.

About the lyrics:

Baby Elephant Walk is a long and interesting rhyme and it cheerfully discusses all the happenings in the jungle. The story revolves around a young elephant who is walking through the jungle. The song starts when the poet asks the children to imagine they are in a jungle movie, and they are watching the elephants going by. Then there are other animals discussed in the rhyme too such as the baboon beating on the bango and the monkeys dancing on the tune. The poet says that you just need an extra pair of dancing shoes to go on a safari.

Takeaways for toddlers:

The nursery rhyme is especially written for the toddlers who have an understanding of the jungle and the animals. It has been written just for creating a funny and joyous environment. Imagining yourself in a safari and watching the elephants and other animals dancing might be so fun. There are many videos made on this kids song and children love to watch them with enthusiasm. Though it doesn’t give any lesson, but it makes the kids happy and cheerful while they sing or listen to it.

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All Time Famous Indian Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship in India is a common thing now and the country has come a long way. There are many Indian entrepreneurs and companies that made it to the list of Forbes and Fortune 500 several times. If you’re looking for some inspiration from these people, you’ll find a plethora of success stories to read. Some Indian entrepreneurs are really inspiring because they started their business from the scratch and then reached the heights of success because of their talent, hard work, and passion. There is a huge list of young entrepreneurs who not only survived in the industry in spite of the competition, but also gave a tough time to their competitors.

Young and successful Indian entrepreneurs:

Kartikeya Sharma entrepreneur is a name worth mentioning as a successful Indian businessman. He is the founder of iTV network which became the most viewed media channel in India very quickly. iTV has a 24-hour Hindi channel known as ‘India News’ and ‘NewsX’ is an English channel that broadcasts news about the country in English. India News and NewsX got very successful due to the hardwork and dedication of Kartikeya Sharma entrepreneur.

Ritesh Agarwal entrepreneur is another successful young businessman who is the founder and CEO of OYO. OYO is a budget room provider service and it has around 65000 rooms in 170 countries across India. The main purpose of this service is to provide an affordable option for travellers to stay.

Sreelakshmi Suresh entrepreneur is the youngest CEO and web designer in the world and is the recipient of many international awards too. She established eDesign at the age of 10, which is now a successful web design company offering web related services. Sreelakshmi quickly developed more than 100 websites for famous organizations and companies across the country and got famous because of that.

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